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Using the latest embroidery and digitizing techniques, your logos are recreated with stitches onto fabric. This is the one of the most popular choice of logo production because it is long lasting and creates a perceived high value of the corporate brand. The cost of embroidery depends on size and complexity of logo, as well as the quantity required.

Embroidery Badges

Embroidery badges are created by stitching your logos onto a separate fabric. A raised border is creating before cutting it into the required shape. These are usually either stitched directly onto the apparel or attached to velcro patches. Embroidery badges are commonly used for uniform groups or recreating a fun varsity logo. The cost of embroidery badges depends on size and complexity of logo, as well as the quantity required.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing traditionally refers to printing ink through stencils with porous fabric mesh, commonly made of silk. These days, polyester is used. A single stencil is created per colour for each logo. Hence this is one of the most economical way of printing logos with single or few colours. The cost of silkscreen printing depends on the number of stencils produced as well as the quantity required.

Digital Transfer/Heat Transfer Printing

Digital transfer, or heat transfer printing, allows full colour printing without additional cost and even recreate gradient effects. This form of printing involves digitizing your logo onto a transfer medium, usually known as a transfer paper. The logo is then transferred onto the apparel using a heat press machine. This is recommended for multicolour logos with a lot of fine details The cost depends on the size and quantity of the logos required.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing is a form of direct printing onto fabric. Using high heat and pressure, the sublimation ink are transferred directly onto the material, resulting in a smooth, seamless and vibrant finish. Most commonly used for sports jerseys, this is recommended for full body designs. The cost of sublimation printing depends on the size and quantity of logos required.